Instructor Resources

Instructor Getting Started Guide

  1. Download a PDF of the book
  2. Read and Annotate the PDF
  3. Download the PowerPoint Lecture Slides

PowerPoint Slides

Canvas Course Shell

Available on Canvas Commons and includes the following:

  • Modules organized by chapter.
  • Each chapter module has:
    • Unpublished, blank Welcome page.
    • Published “Reading and Lecture Slides” page that contains link to complete textbook on LibreText and embedded PowerPoint.
    • Published External URL for each Chapter Section so students can read textbook within Canvas.
    • Published Quiz with 5 multiple choice questions.
    • Published Assignment with Critical Thinking Questions.

Options for Using the Book and Slides

  1. Option 1: Use entire book and lecture slides, and assign 1 chapter per week
  2. Option 2: Use entire book and lecture slides, and assign 4 chapters over 2 week periods, and the remaining 8 chapters for 1 week periods
  3. Option 3: Use specific chapters and lecture slides of the book to complement your existing course materials